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    MeteoriteMc Skyblock Release Information

    Skyblock will be releasing this Saturday, May 18th, at 1:00 PM CST.

    After 3 long months of development, we are finally ready to release our skyblock server. There are many new features you can expect in this release.

    Block stacking
    Blocks such as Diamond, Emerald, Iron, and Gold will be stackable in one block. Right-Click to add one block, Shift + Right-Click to add a stack of the same material. Left-Click to remove one block, Shift + Left-Click to remove a stack. (

    Crate Revamp
    We have introduced a one crate system to minimize confusion between crate keys. All past winnings have been merged into one and balanced out. (

    MeteoriteMc’s Custom plugin AutoSell allows for you to create a sign with “[Autosell]”, that will automatically sell all items in the chest every 5m. (

    Using the command /Report <player> <reason>, you can now report players to staff members. Any troll reports will be punished.

    Island Upgrades
    Using /is upgrade, you can now upgrade your island. (

    Custom Islands
    MeteoriteMc offers 4 custom skyblock islands to chose from.

    Donor ranks
    MeteoriteMc offers 2 In-game ranks, and 4 ranks purchasable on our forms.

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